About - Badger State Girl Choir
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About the Choir

The Badger State Girl Choir, LLC is an independent organization and an officially authorized corporation in the state of Wisconsin. It was founded in 2006 to provide girls from the lower Fox River Valley an opportunity to sing high quality choral music in an integrated arts learning environment. Hundreds of girls from across the Fox River Valley have enjoyed participation in the choirs.


Prima, meaning “first," is the choir’s beginning level ensemble. Open to girls in grades 2-4, it focuses on developing good choral tone, proper breathing techniques and beautiful unison singing. They venture into some two-part music and “partner songs” but primarily focus on building strong and healthy vocal technique while acquiring a love for choral music.


Vivace, meaning “lively and animated," is a more developed ensemble that builds on the Prima foundation. Open to girls in grades 5-6, it offers a challenging and exciting artistic adventure into various styles of choral music. This ensemble continues to develop good singing techniques and beginning reading skills, but in addition, they work on part singing and performance practice at a much higher level.


Amabile, meaning “pleasant and gentle," is a highly advanced ensemble for singers in grades 7-8. They perform music in more parts and with greater musical challenges. In addition, students further develop their singing voices through large group study and they build a high level of musicianship through incorporated music literacy sessions. Repertoire performed by Amabile comes from a wide variety of styles and periods.

Coro Angeli

Coro Angeli, meaning “Choir of Angels," is our flagship choir. Open to singers in grades 9-12, this ensemble is able to perform more challenging and diverse music from a variety of genres. This fine choir often tours and performs throughout the Fox Valley and across the globe. Recent tours include Italy, Spain, England and France. The choir has performed for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in Rome, in the famed Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and as part of the renowned Brandenburg Festival in London.